Egotistical Hubris

New year, new attempt at blogging. I need an outlet to sound smug and intelligent that isn’t attached to a particular social media site, because let’s face it, social media is a garbage fire that will end up killing us all. This site at least lets me talk about what I want to talk about without being monetized to hell and back.

Expect nothing much of import; I figure this site will follow the contours of my interests, which include:

  • Gaming
  • Photography
  • Cooking/Food
  • Travel
  • Programming
  • Tech
  • Writing
  • Content creation/collaboration

That list is in no particular order and is subject to change per my whimsy.

For starters, I don’t even know what to write, now that I have a site configured. I have big plans, “later” – for instance, I want to attempt writing reviews for every single game in my Steam library (a daunting list of 400+ games collected over the years; yes, I have too many games). And I’d like to talk about my creative processes with photography more often, or whatever other artistic outlet I pick up this year.

I also want to get into more writing in general, which I hope this blog helps kickstart. I used to write all the time in high school. Maybe I’ve learned a few things in the ensuing two decades.