New Project: “Eik Reviews Every Game He Owns” (EREGHO)

According to Steam, as of February 20, 2020, I own over 470 games. According to SteamDB, 265 of them I’ve played less than an hour. 161 of those, I’ve never played at all. If we are charitable and assume I bought every game on sale (I didn’t), I’ve spent over $2000 on games in 15 years.

Some of these games are “bundle trash” – games that came bundled with other games I wanted. Some of them are games I bought super cheap to play later “when I had time” (because in my mind, I’m still 22 with all the free time in the world. Unfortunately for me, I’m 37 with a mortgage and a real job).

Regardless, in the fifteen years I’ve been on Steam, I’ve accumulated a horrendous backlog of leisure. This is gross, this is stupid, and I need to do something about it. Normally, my solution would be to ignore it – buy another game, or pick back up a game I’ve already sunk dozens of hours into (or some, like Rimworld, over 500 hours so far with no signs of stopping). But that doesn’t solve the problem, and also means I continue to ignore my latest new year’s resolution, that being to write more often.

So, here we are. I have 470 games to review, in random order. I’ll try to write one review a week. Some might be long-form; some reviews might be a bare paragraph, if the game is terrible or short enough. I’m not going to be objective; I have many, many biases in my gaming tastes, and I’m too stubborn to change my habits. I’m not going to put the game on a pedestal and caress it this way and that to 100% completion. Besides, there are thousands of sites that do that already. I’m going to approach these games like I would normally, except now I’m forcing myself to put my thoughts on paper. Well, digital paper. You get the idea.