Groundhog Day

The problem with writing up ‘proof of life’ updates is that, during coronavirus, all days feel the same.

Wake up. Give medicine to cat. Take shower. Brush teeth. Make coffee. Attend stand-up from couch. Work. Lunch. Lunch walk. Work. End of day stand-up from couch. Make dinner. Watch TV til 10, give cat medicine, play video games (solo or with friends over Discord) until bed.

Rinse, repeat, regardless of day. Weekends are slightly different, in that the whole “work” part is replaced in favor of idling at home.

I find it difficult to focus on tasks anymore; whether that’s a mental failing, or a sign of anxiety/depression/stress, I’m not sure anymore. Reading is hard. Playing complex video games is hard. Everything is hard.

TV consumption: Broadchurch and Boardwalk Empire, both great series.

Music consumption: Hip hop mostly, but only when I’m walking. I don’t listen to music much while working anymore; I prefer the near compete silence of the basement den.

Book consumption: The Forge of Christendom, by Tom Holland, all about the political and religious structures of the middle ages in Europe.

Games consumption: Crusader Kings 2 (Irish petty kingdom start), Rimworld (classic hard Tundra start), Fall Guys (ridiculous battle royale party game)

Creative work: Very little. Trolling on reddit and taking a selfie every day at noon.